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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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♪ niger and chad announce a joint offensive. it comes as the group pledges aleakingance to isil. i am darin jordan in doha. on thephram program, three are killed in mali. a court in russia rules three suspects in the killing of boris nemtsov be kept in custody. the mystery of mh-370. we look at the first complete report which reveals why a low indicator beacon wasn't working.
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niger and chad have announced a joint ground offensive against boko haram in nigeria after deadly attacks in maiduguri and it follows the pledge of allegiance to is ill via an audio message posted online. live from the nigerian capital, what more could you tell us about this new offensive announced by joint forces from niger and chad? >> this is a step forward by my year i can't's neighbors remember since earlier this year forces from chad cameroon and niger have been taking part in efforts to liberate some of the villages seized by boko haram in the needed of the country. these troops especially the chadian troops have contributed immensely alongside those of niger in reclaiming some of
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those tear stories back from boko haram fighters by troops from chad, to sort of put additional pressure on boko hair a.m. to try to crush the group before it spreads or is expanded its territory. we are seeing how over the last few months it has attacked cameroon and launched attacks in niger and part of chad. so these are actually worried about the fight expanding to their own side of the border. >> as you say, we have seen a number of nigeria's neighbors commit troops to the fight against boko haram but decided that regional effort though akmed, boko haram attacks are still continue can. >> exactly. the reason why this is happening is that the group has been allowed to fester a long time. it has expanded the area of operation. it initially started with the
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fighting nigerian forces and then started going in to cities far away from its area of operations in the northeast states like borno, it wasn't until two years ago, they launched attacks in neighboring parts of the northeast in the neighboring state taking territories from the nigerian security forces. over time, boko haram was able to build stronger army or fighting bates to take on nigerian forces. >> that's why we have seen them take a lot of territory from nigeria and try to occupy some so basically, the opportunity they had in taking control of large swaths of territory and establishing basis training basis, and some form of caliphate they wanted to achieve in the north of the country has given them the strength to mobilize as well as recruit more soldiers. >> in abuju, thank you. earlier, i spoke to the chair of
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contemporary school of economics. he explained why boko haram made a pledge to is ill. >> ironically in the last few months, is ill has not responded to the many messages by boko haram praising is ill. this tells me that even is ill, one of the most extremist jihadist organizations have used boko haram as a liability. my take now, if you ask me whether bakr al bag daddy will accept it bagbaghdadi will accept it bag. it is a win-win. it shows is ill of the leader of the global jihadist movement islamists near and far, in particular militant activists whether you are talking about egypt or yemen oral year i can't or afghanistan or pakistan and now, boko haram are basically
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praising and saying they want to be part of this winning horse. is ill is being seen as a winning horse, as a powerful organization. even if is ill accepts the allegiance or by boko haram, little will change. remember boko haram is desperate for legit medication. it would like to be part of is ill, which is seen as basically a winning horse. nothing would change but the reality is you are talking about is ill and boko haram, two sides of the same coin on the far right. jihadist movement i would argue the leader of the al-qaeda central would really hesitate to accept any kind of allegiance by boko haram because they are seen as ex treatmentists, on the nar right of all mil stant organizations that exist today. >> an inflew enstial cleric
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fuqtadar sadr' forces fought against the u.s. military after they invaded iraq in 2003. the operation to liberate moss ill will involve the army and get air support from fighter jets of the u.s.-led coalition. >> activists say u.s. coalition fighters is affiliated to al-qaeda. this is footage supposedly showing the moment the strikes happen. it was located in idlib close to the border with turkey. until
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mali. >>. >> here, if the injured were taken to the nearest hospital. >> we were keeping when the rockets fell. three fell near us. two were dead. 3 were injured, including my wife. >> it is not clear who is responsible, for this is not the first time the united nations mission in mali has been targeted by groups linked to kuwaitl al-qaeda. it found it difficult to secure this remote and lawless region. >> we have been attacked, definitely continue our attacks that are part of a little bit progress on the ground to make the security conditions stable and to provide an environment for any peace settlement to take hold on the ground. >> a piece agreement will be difficult while the main rebel alliance refuses to sign up to
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the accord. anger towards the u.n. over airstrikes turned to violence in january. hundreds of people came to the streets to protest in the northern town of kiddell. they want independent for this northern region something the latest agreement doesn't include. on saturday, gunmen killed five people at this restaurant popular with foreigners in bamako. until now, the capitol was sheltered from the violence in the north. these latest attacks will do little to convince people here they are any closer to peace. nasni mashiri, al jazeera. >> saudi arabia says it rejects international criticism over the flooding of a writer for insulting islam. the blogger was sentenced to a thousand lashes and 10 years in jail last year. he received the first 50 latches in january. u.s. members of congress have called for his release.
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saudi arabia's foreign minister asked his country will not accept any outside medaling in its affairs. in egypt, the trial of two al jazeera journalists has been adjourned, this time to march the 19th. that's because prosecution witnesses failed to turn up. mohammed fat me and mohammedaded made, in february both journalists were released on bail after being detained for more than a year. the egyptian city of alex alexandria one has been killed and 60s injured by a bomb blast. the blast of the latest in a series of attacks across the country in recent days. a court in russia has ruled that three suspects in the killing of opposition activist boris nemtsov be be kept in custody. another man was charged. while a decision is yet to be made on a 5th suspect. a report. . >> one of the two men charged
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with boris nemtsov's murder is being led into court amid heavy security. he and in a cage on sunday. here, he says i love the prophet mohammed. peace be upon him. a judge said he has confirmed his involvement in the killing of nemtsov, a leading opposition figure. state media said he served in a battalion of troops in and another men of chechan origin is charged with the murder. he reportedly worked for a private security firm in moscow. three other suspects have also and in court including his brother, although there have been no announcements of their did he tension. local reports say they have maintained their innocence. this undated video shows gubachev's mother saying he is brave and courageous, always ready to help everyone. the two main suspects were arrested in a republic next to
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chechyna following the assassination near the kremlin. he hadvo critical. president putin has condemned the killing and promised to deliver justice but as thousands turned out for his funeral a week ago many of the mourners accused the kremlin of silencing one of its most vocal. nadin barber. >> still to come as the world marks international women's day, we hear from one girl in ghana among the hundreds of women who work as porters, plus wires with no resistance which make electricity half as expensive. >> the american wiz kid who talk himself calculus at the age of
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convenience of overwhelmed staff >> the deadly nursing home shortcut you need to know about >> what about their rights? >> what really goes on when you're not there? america tonight exclusive investigation: drugging dementia only on al jazeera america he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you.
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somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series. >> former klansman david duke. >> america has been taken over. >> defending his controversial past.
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>> i did what i thought was right. >> that was then... what about now? >> i believe the zionists control the country. >> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america. us. ♪ welcome back. the top stories here on al jazeera. i didn't knower and chad launched a joints offensive against boko haram in nigeria after the group pledged allegiance in an audio message posted online. in mali three people have been killed in an attack on a u.n. base in the northern city of kidel. witnesses say gunmen fired a rocket in an assaults on the compound. a court in russia has ruled three suspects in the killing of boris nemtsov be kept in custody. another man was charged while a decision has yet been made on 5th suspect. recommend eningsz diminish
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another sister in aiden under house arrest in sanaa after yemen's president did that. natasha gname reports. reporter: >> reporter: this is the yemeni defense minister arriving in the southern port city of aden after escaping from a hostile capitol under the dark of night. his rivals the shia howthies were on his trail looting his house after discovering he was already gone. then ambushing the defense minister's execute guards who were following behind him and injuring two. what next for major general and his ally is unclear. aden is now the center of operations for president hadi also forced to flee the capital sinaa last month. the capital is under control of the howthyuthis.
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they are attempting to run the capital in plates of the government. as manyyemenis are outraged. thousands protested in the city of id south of the capitol, shouting slogans blasting the armed group. in the absence of a sentence tral government yemen has become a dangerous place. there are concerns the country is slipping towards anarchy. howtis howtis, have yet to release a statement. hopes for a truce between the two arrival groups seem to have evaporated. the u.n. has offered
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says he. >> it's been one year since the disappearance of malaysian airline flights 370. an investigation has revealed the battery of the under water locator beacon had expired one year before the plane vanished. families of the passengers and crew wait for answers, malaysia says it remains committed to the search. andrew thomas takes a look back. it lost contact with air traffic control. >> the announcement began perhaps the greatest aviation mystery of all time a search along the malaysian intended flight route found nothing. then came the twist, it had stopped transmitting location
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but had been seen off route west back across the malay peninsula. but then where? the best clues were seven pings picked up by a satellite. they suggested mh 370 had traveled along an arc south. >> according to this new data like mh 370 -- flight 370 ended in the indian ocean. >> despite flights flown from perth, no debris was pounds. ships were sent first to listen for a black box signal then to map the seabed. now, to explore it. with three of these, dragged 10 kilometers and four down, their sonar can detect objects of a square meter from a kilometer away. >> so the boats are what we call mowing the lawn. they are doing long parallel lines.
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a staff to the north of the side and head south, that takes us seven days, 700onaut call miles long and we go off on a parallel line back to the north again. >> so far, just over 40% of the priority area of 60,000 square kilometers has been searched with nothing found but those leading the hopeunt are hope. >> we are confid events but certain that the aircraft is in this high priority prior to area that we are searching, and we know with the equipment and techniques we are using if it is there itas it very likely is we will find it. >> if they do, a whole new challenge begins. finding the missing plane would be the end of a search but would only mark the beginning of the recovery. >> that's where this comes in. under water robots will go down to investigate any refuge and look for the plane's black box. with that perhaps the mh 370 mystery can be solved the.
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andrew thomas al jazeera. perth. >> australia's government keeping up the pressure to spare the lives of two australians facing i am comments execution on drug smuggling charges. indonesia's president has rejected clemency for the two men but says he has nots ruled out abolishing the death penalty in the future. tony abbot saysez has requested another conversation with widodo. >> we are continuing to work with the government to try to get them to appreciate that it's in their best interest and in accordance with their best values not to kill these two australians who are actually an asset in the fight against drug crime. they have been doing very good work in the exog easeian prison system to try to turn other prisoners against the life of drug crime. so we are continuing to do
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rallies are being held around the world for women's day. in indian particular significant following a number of high profile rape cases. crowds gathered in mumbai in which the vehicles brt 1ed messages involving justice and safety for all women. >> the day has special significance in africa, in ghana, hundreds of women and young girls traveled to the capitol to work as porters. their experience is rarely what they expect. here is the story of one of these women in her own words. >> my name is latifa seidu. i am a tiau. in the morning, i head out to market. i walk looking for work carrying
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people's. >> the drivers get upset for the two years that have been here i have not been able to save any money because whatever i do involves money bathing, going to the toilet, drinking water, eating. everything. >> that's why i can't sing. yes go to school and neither did my older sister. my parents wanted siblings that come after me to go to school but there is no money for fee. >> that's why i am here. my parents are dependent on rain, which is a big problem because if the rains don't come you can't do it. as i sit here, it's my mother who is taking care of my
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three-year-old daughter. she is paying her fees feeding her, caring for all of her needs. when i see my friends with their children, it hurts that i couldn't bring my daughter here but i cannot put her on my back and carry heavy loads at the same time. >> that's why i live here. >> matifa is my daughter. i have no power because my farm something not doing well. we wish we could have educated our children. >> there is not a single person here who wants to be here not a single one. we are just here because of money. i pray that my daughter can go to school. i also pray that my younger siblings can go to school as well. >> the colombian government and farq rebels have agreed to work together to remove land mines from several conflict zones.
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>> the deal follows the latest round of talks in cuba to end the 50-year conflict. more than 11,000 people have been killed or injured by land mines in the past years. the government says the agreement is a good start. >> our main objective in these conversations is to put an ends to the conflict and avoid further victims in our country. >> that's why the demining proposal is a first but giant place of piece. proof we are working in the right direction. >> today, we the enl voys for each party hand the country a humanitarian agreement that begins the clean-up and de decontamination of our fields of mines and the remains of washing ex closives that seek to eliminate the risks they represent to the humble people who work the land and of the fighters, themselves, that with this gesture, we advance the deescalation of the war, we are headed along a good path. >> now it's 50 years since the
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landmark march in the u.s. state of alabama helped secure equal voting rights for african-americans. the anniversary of what became known as bloody sunday is tell calling attention to america's civil right struggle past and print. gabe bre yell spoke to two generations of activists about where the movement is going. juneous williams knows what it's like to fight for civil rights in the deep u.s. south 50 years ago. he lived it. williams was 21 years old when he traveled to montgomery, alabama, where he and other civil rights act visits took part in a sit-in outside the state capitol and were met by a brutal police crackdown. >> there were horsemen with long, thick sticks and police on motorcycles. and their job was to beat the hell out of us. not to arrest us. nobody was arrested to my knowledge. just to beat us. what was our crime? we wanted the right to vote for everybody.
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>> williams and others were waiting for the refer end dr. martin luther king, jr. and thousands of others to arrive on montgomery on their historic march from selma. angry police on horseback were moving in for another beating of williams and the protestors. cornered and cowering with fear when someone in the group started to sing ♪ this may be the last time. ♪ may be the last time. ♪ i don't know. ♪. >> the police backed down. it was on the cusp of the greatest civil rights action of the moment being won even if they didn't know it at the time. while juneous williams represents a generation that was on the front lines of the civil rights struggle a half century ago, today, a younger generation is carrying on that same movement but helping it to evolve. darnell moore wasn't even born when williams was facing down police in montgomery but today, moore, an out spoken rider and advocates for gay african americans. >> we can sit here and talk about racism. >> he says the movement of today is led by a more diverse group
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of youth voices than it was 50 years ago. >> the face of what one might call a movement i can go on and on with so many names of queer folk, of women, disabled individuals, of formerly incarcerated individuals, of incarcerated individuals, of undocumented individuals who are on the front lines and working rooted in the civil rights struggle of the men and women who came before this. al jazeera, new york. and in that few hours, a group in selma will retrace that route of the demonstration that came to be nobody known as "bloody sunday." it began commenrations led by the u.s. president, barack obama. >> now 40 u.s. high school students are competing to take home one of the world's most prestigous science awards.
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past winners of the u.s. national medals. tom ackerman met one who is a whiz kid on the way to a career in advanced physics. >> so mike can you explain to me what you see here? >> his mother admits she really doesn't understand her son's project which won him a finalist spot in intel's annual science competition. he has a passion for quantum mechanics, the cutting-edge of theoretical physics. >> i solve differencial equations when i want to figure out how to do better in a video game but i he taught taught himself calculus at the age of 9. he won a high school competition of more than 80 countries. though few people may understand his field of interest he says it's a key to improving the
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world super connecting wires, wires with no reassistance which would make electricity half as expensive. theists that's where things like that come from. michael has no objection to being called a nerd. it's a term of affection and pride. i am given to understand although i have never seen it that many people in places are fully interested in science. >> he says he is no social butterfly but michael doesn't worry about fitting in with his piers. . >> he has great friends. he's been with the same kids since middle school. they -- it's a very supportive group of kids they root for each other he writes a fiction blog called eyes of flesh and flame. in their fantasy world, it's characters deal with the real life moral choices faced by scientists? >> it's an allegory for science just like how science, you get knowledge about things to i know
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spire new generations of scientists, tom ackerman al jazeera, washington. >> a reminder, you can keep up-to-date with all of the news on our website. there it is on the screen the address, >> a new business is rising in america's rocky mountain west. and sales promise to be brisk. >> i want to get $100 bucks dj shorts and $100 bucks of the tahoe. >> this past january licensed shops in colorado began selling recreational marijuana to anyone 21 years of age or older. >> whoo that smells nice >> prices range from $14 to $25 a gram. >> what's the difference between the ultimate.